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Considering the characteristics of each Product,
"Keihin Metal (Thailand) Co.,Ltd." proceeds the optimum
processing by the selected optimum facility at each process,
aiming for the best results in Technology, Quality and Efficiency
"Keihin Metal (Thailand) Co.,Ltd." will propose a competitive
production system by new technology in the era of need for
low cost and high quality products.
Machine for Compression Spring
Machine for Torsion Spring, Tension Spring and Wire Clamp
Quality assurance during each step to create reliable products.
Keihin Metal (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. Is committed to maintain the ISO9001 quality standard system to ensure
the trust and stisfaction of its customers and the efficiency of its own management. The ISO/TS16949
program development is also underway to contribute comprehensively to the development of the whole
Keihin Meatl (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. that is an essential part of customer requirement.
Keihin Metal (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. staff members are regularly trained both in-house
and externally, locally and overseas to improve their technical and professional
knowledge and skills. By the strong support of its partner in Japan.
Keihin Metal (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. Aiming to minimize the environmental impacts of new materials and processes,
through prior assessment of theirenvironmental impact, and seeking ways to minimize the consumption of
resources and energy, to eliminate or reduce the production of releases to the environment, and to minimize
the quantity of waste requiring disposal by ISO14001.
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